Raphael was born in 1977 in Vienna. At the age of 14 he began to study bass-guitar at the Schubert-conservatory and upright-bass at the Konservatorium Wien. At about the same time he began performing live in various bands, soon became a high in demand bassist in the Viennese music-scene and a member of the creative musicians-collective JazzWerkstatt Wien. As a member of the Alex Machacek’s FAT (Abstract Logix), David Helbock-Trio (ACT), and Wolfgang Puschnigs Homegrown (Skylark-Production), among many other groups, Raphael travels all around the world, performing at international Jazz-Festivals and giving masterclasses around the globe. Raphael is a pioneer and trend-setter in playing the bass-ukulele, which is an unique and huge sounding small-sized bass-instrument.

Currently Raphael lives in the south of France.


David Helbock Trio, Alex Machacek „FAT”, Nguyên Lê, Wolfgang Puschnig, Wolgang Reisinger feat. Dave Liebman, Elfi Aichinger Quartett feat. Don Byron, Michael Schiefel, Patrice Heral, Sketchbook-Orchestra, Salesny/Schabata/Preuschl/Joos, JANTOS Postharmonic Orchestra, No Home For Johnny feat. Raie Benson”, Flower (Georg Vogel), Christian Wegscheider “Mozart’s Nightmare”, Valerie Sajdik, Max Nagl, Don Ellis-Tribute Orchestra feat. Thomas Gansch, Andi Manndorff, Mamadou Diabate, and many more,….

Jazz-Festivals in Australia, Malaysia, Vladivostock, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mexico City, Marocco, France, Poland, Germany, Hong Kong, Manila/ Phillippines, South Africa, Seoul, Cruise to the edge, USA,….


Jazzwerkstatt Wien, FuzzNoir, Jim Black, Ellery Eskelin, Rodney Holmes, Frédérique Leno, Alegre Côrrea, Peter Rom-Trio, Wolfgang Reisinger, Linda Sharrock, Simone Kopmajer,…


Paul Urbanek’s “Next Generation of Sound”, Flip Philipp, Dorretta Carter,


Diploma degrees: 2003 Konservatorium der Stadt Wien, 1998 Prayner Konservatorium


at the national theatre in Vienna „Burgtheater“, Volkstheater, Neue Oper Wien,…


Raphael taught at the Vienna Music Institute, the federal iPop-university in Vienna, and the „Albrechtsberger“-music-school in Klosterneuburg. He held various workshops in Austria, Canberra, Vladivostok, South-Africa, University „Santo Tomas“ in Manila,…